Creating User IDs

Clients are authorized to connect with the Communications Server by specifying a Windows NT Domain userid which is in the IBMCSAPI user group. You may want to define a unique userid for each client user or a single userid used by all users.

  1. On the NT Server, in the Administrative Tools program folder select User Manager.
  2. In the User menu select New User... and fill in the Username, Description, Password, etc. and select Add. Repeat this until all the required userids have been added.
  3. The group IBMCSAPI should have been created during the installation of IBM Communications Server. If is was not, select New Global Group... from the User menu. Enter Group Name IBMCSAPI and a description and select OK.
  4. In the Groups window double-click on IBMCSAPI and add the required userids from the Not Members window into the Members window. Select OK when all the required userids have been added to the group.