Step 8: Configuring a 3270 LU for Terminal Emulation

Select 3270 from the Sections window and then click the Add button.

  1. Select the PU name, select the PU name associated with the Link to be used.
  2. Enter the LU name, this should match a dependent LU definition name for this PU as defined in VTAM. Dependent LUs are recognizable by the fact that the LOCADDR parameter of the LU definition is non-zero (LUs with a LOCADDR value of zero are Independent LUs used for APPC.
  3. Specify the NAU address, this should match the value of the LOCADDR parameter of the dependent LU as defined in VTAM.
  4. Leave the Pool Name blank.
  5. Select Priority, Allow this field to default to High.
  6. Select LU Type, allow this field to default to Unknown.