Step 16: Activating the Configuration

Once the settings described above have been made the configuration must be saved before starting the EXTRA APPN Node. In the File menu select Save and then exit the APPN Configurator. From the EXTRA! Personal Client 32 Bit program folder start the Start APPN Node program. This should start successfully without generating any error messages.

Once the Node has successfully started without generating any error messages start the Node Manager from the EXTRA! Personal Client 32 Bit program folder.

  1. Select the DLC icon in the toolbar (green adapter card) and select Start to start the Data Link Control (DLC). Once the DLC has started successfully the DLC Status should display active.
  2. Select the Link icon in the toolbar (linked circles), select the link name to start and select Start to start the link. Once the link has started successfully the Status should display Active.

Once the Link is active CCIAPPC can be used with this connection to the host system.

If an error message is generated at any stage see the section Error Reporting and Diagnostics for information on determining how to correct the error.