Step 11: Configuring the Local LU

Select Local LU (LU 6.2) from the Sections window and then click the Add button.

  1. Enter the Local LU Name as defined in the list of LUs defined for this PU in VTAM on the host system.
  2. Enter the LU Alias, duplicate the LU name.
  3. Enter the NAU Address, this value should correspond to the value of the LOCADDR parameter of this LU definition in VTAM on the host system. For independent LUs this value should be zero, whereas dependent LUs have a non-zero address.
  4. Select the PU Name, choose the PU Name associated with the Link to be used.
  5. Session limit For independent LUs specify the maximum number of parallel sessions which will be supported. Set the Session limit according to the number of CCIAPPC clients which are to communicate using this Local LU name. If the clients all specify the same LU Name in the machinename parameter of CCI-INITCLIENT (or the /MA parameter in FHREDIR.CFG for Fileshare clients) then the session limit should reflect this number of clients. If a different Local LU name is specified for each client, meaning that multiple Local LUs will need to be defined the session limit can remain at 1. Hence, a value of 8 is recommended for flexibility. Dependent LUs must have a maximum session limit of 1, that is, they are single session only.
  6. Repeat this section until all required Local LUs have been added.