CCI Status Messages

All CCI modules produce text based error messages describing the status of the completion of the last CCI operation. Some errors are critical and require remedial action before use of the affected CCI module can continue. Others are warnings and, in most cases, do not require you to take any action.

When an error occurs in the communications layer the CCI status codes returned to calling applications will change to reflect the underlying problem that has occurred. All CCI enabled applications can then make a call to CCI to obtain a text message describing the problem.

The manner in which these messages is returned to the application user is specific to each application, however the actual text returned from CCI is the same in all cases. The sections below indicate what the status messages mean, and what steps can be taken by the user to correct the situation which created the error status in the first place.

The text format used for all CCI messages is as follows:-

"CCINETB-0001I A CCINETB call has timed-out."

This is broken down in to the following sections:

Not all the available messages are produced by all the protocol modules, there are also messages which are specific to individual aspects of configuration on specific protocol environments. Some status are intended for use only during the development of CCI enabled applications, where these status are seen by the end user they should contact our technical support staff and report the situation and applications which generated the status condition.