Advanced Use of CCITCP Without Using CCITCP2

It is possible to use CCITCP without having a CCITCP2 daemon present (see Direct Connection and Starting Servers on Fixed Ports on why you may want to do this). This method may be used for all applications which use CCITCP.


To start a Fileshare Server using a fixed TCP port, on the machine whose TCP hostname is server_hostname, enter the following command:

fs /s server_name,MFPORT:3000 /cm CCITCP


server_name is the name of the Fileshare Server
,MFPORT:3000 is used by CCITCP to ensure that the server listens for incoming calls on port 3000

Once you have configured the Fileshare Server to use a specific port, you can get a Fileshare Client to connect to the server on this port number using the /MA parameter in the FHREDIR.CFG file to specify a Machine Name of the form:

/MA MFNODE:server_hostname,MFPORT:3000 /S server_name

The FHREDIR.CFG will look like this:

/S server_name
/CM ccitcp
/MA MFNODE:server_hostname,MFPORT:3000 /S server_name