APPC Product Configuration Guides

The following configuration guides describe configuration of the SNA products supported for use with CCIAPPC on 32-bit Windows platforms.

These SNA products require that a network adapter and device driver have been installed which will be used to communicate with other systems using SNA protocols. In a Local Area Network (LAN) environment you will need to have installed a LAN adapter and 802.2 Data Link Control device driver.

These guides describe how to install a DLC device driver and configure APPC for CCI communication in a LAN environment using 802.2 Data Link Control (DLC). However, you may want to use another network configuration, such as SDLC, X25 or Channel attachment, for example. Please refer to the documentation provided with the SNA product for information on configuring the SNA product in network configurations other than a LAN. In such cases, although the SNA Connection configuration will differ, the APPC configuration will be identical to that described for a LAN environment.