Configuration Information

You can use the Configuration Information field on the Edit Communications Process page, and the Add Listener and Edit Listener pages for configuration data specific to a communications process or a listener.

There are a number of additional configuration options, for logging and setting an SSL passphrase, that can be set in the file mf-server.dat. (On UNIX environments, this file is located in $COBDIR/etc. On Windows environments it is located in the base/bin directory of your product installation.) These are mostly options that require setting before the Micro Focus Communication Server (MFCS) contacts the MF Directory Server. In the case of logging, this can be useful where there are problems with the connection between MFCS and MFDS. For instructions on the use of mf-server.dat to configure logging for MFCS, please see the section Communications Process Log Files in the Troubleshooting chapter.