Server Enterprise Edition Architecture

An enterprise server has a number of components. The following figure shows a high-level view of the enterprise server architecture.

Figure 1. Server Enterprise Edition Architecture
Server Enterprise Edition Architecture

An enterprise server consists of some processes and an area used for inter-process communication.

The processes include a console daemon, server manager and communications process. These processes provide the following functionality:

An enterprise server is created with two service execution processes. A service execution process is, as the name implies, the process that actually executes the COBOL program that handles the client request. You can add more service execution processes.

The inter-process communication area consists of a shared memory area that contains definitions of all the services that are available within the enterprise server. These definitions come from the Directory Server, which is shown in the figure above. It sits outside the enterprise server, because it can contain information for many enterprise servers. The inter-process communication area is also used to pass requests and responses between the enterprise server processes.