The Directory Server

The Directory Server is a process that maintains a collection of information that defines services and other related components. The components that the Directory Server handles are known as objects. The Directory Server stores information about objects in its repository.

The server object is the top level object in the Directory Server. The other objects cannot exist independently of a server. Figure 1-3 shows an enterprise server with two services. Arrows between two objects indicate an association. If you set up a server with one or more services manually, instead of deploying from your COBOL development system, you first create all the objects, and then you build the relationships between them.

Figure 1. Objects in an Enterprise Server
Objects in an Enterprise Server

By default the Directory Server runs on the same machine as your enterprise servers.

An XA Resource object contains information about an XA-compliant database manager required to provide database access to one or more container-managed services. .

For more information about XA resources see the section Resource Management in this chapter and the section Resource Managers in the chapter Configuration.