Deployment Descriptors that Are Required

Deployment descriptors are xml files that describe the component to be deployed. J2EE application servers require deployment descriptors for the archive files (.jar, .war and .ear) to be deployed. At run time, the application server reads the descriptors and acts accordingly.

When you generate an EJB or client using the COBOL development system Server Express Remote Development Option, generic deployment descriptors are created and they are packaged into the relevant archive files. Some J2EE application servers require additional deployment descriptors and these are generated automatically for the supported application servers.

If your application server requires additional deployment descriptors and these are not generated, you need to create them manually and add them to the archive files. In many cases, you can create deployment descriptors using the administration console for your application server. Alternatively you can edit them in a text editor.

For example, the deployment descriptor weblogic-ra.xml, which is in the archive file mfcobol-notx.rar, contains the following lines:


Where ver is v1.5 for j2ee14