Resource Managers

If your enterprise server includes container-managed services that access databases, you need to specify information about the resource managers that the application container needs to interact with. You can only use resource managers that are XA-compliant. The XA interface describes a structure called a switch table, which lists the names of the xa_ routines implemented in the resource manager. This structure is called xa_switch_t. To access an XA-compliant resource manager, you need a switch module, the purpose of which is to obtain the address of the XA switch data structure implemented by the resource manager.

If you want to access Oracle or IBM DB2 databases from JES-initiated transactions, that is, using IKJEFT01, you must build an additional switch module to use with the standard Oracle or IBM DB2 switch module.

This directory also contains a batch file, build.bat, that you can use to build the switch module you require. The syntax required to run the build command varies slightly depending on the switch module you are building.

ESORAOPC.pco JES-initiated transactions connecting to Oracle data sources
ESDB2OPC.CBL JES-initiated transactions connecting to IBM DB2 data sources

You specify the details of XA resource managers using the Edit Server > Properties > XA Resources page in the Web interface. You can also edit and delete XA resource manager definitions. You can enable resource managers individually to control which are active when an enterprise server starts.