You will need to set the FHREDIR environment variable to specify the location of the FHREDIR configuration file if any services in your enterprise server make use of Fileshare to access files across the network. For example:


As the FHREDIR configuration is static, the contents of the FHREDIR configuration file are read at when the enterprise server is initialized and cannot be dynamically changed. This means that the FHREDIR configuration file should contain entries for all services that are deployed, or could be deployed to the enterprise server. If a service is dynamically deployed to an enterprise server and it requires different configuration for Fileshare then there is no option but to stop and restart the enterprise server.

If all your enterprise servers use the same configuration file, you can set $FHREDIR on the command line before you start the Directory Server, rather than have separate configuration entries for each server.

You should start all the Fileshare servers that the services in an enterprise server might need to access before you start the enterprise server. You should stop the enterprise server before you stop the Fileshare servers.

For more information about Fileshare see your Fileshare Guide.